Work Cycle & Tools

At LISAN Translation Services, we have a unique work cycle to ensure the best possible quality. Whenever we accept a project, there are some regular steps to follow. First a kick off meeting is to be held for orientation purposes. If the job required is a translation job, the kick off meeting is intended to choose the suitable team of work and prepares the glossaries, TMs, references and files. Then the first stage begins with translation. After translation is done, a team of reviewers is to proofread the translated material, and then comes the third stage represented in quality management where a qualified team of quality managers look at the material. If approved, the material moves to the DTP department to prepare the files for final delivery, then the quality management department gives a final look again and the files are to be delivered.


LISAN Translation Services Ltd. is making use of the up- to – date technology in translation field. This technology is represented in Computer-assisted translation (CAT tools). Those CAT tools ensure consistency in our work and make it easier for the client and linguists to make use of the previous jobs. Our pool of tools includes:

SDL Trados



Microsoft LocStudio


Alchemy Catalyst


Microsoft Helium


Déjà Vu


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